About Us
Connecting the World One Taste at a Time

Continental Flavor was founded in Boston, MA.. We are a spice blend company that specializes in spice blends from every continent. We want to be able to provide spice blends from different countries, that maybe a bit harder to purchase. Or maybe not as popular in your local grocery chains. We want to build a business were we are able to bring people together through food! We also want our customers to be able to experience a country through your taste buds. Our products are high quality, 100% all natural, organic and handcrafted with love and care. We want you to taste a piece of the world wherever you are. But not sacrifice that authentic flavor!

Image by Calum Lewis
Image by Calum Lewis


Since our opening we have become masters of our craft. Our commitment to quality products, exceptional services, and incomparable customer care keeps our community coming back, again and again.


We see ourselves soon becoming one of the leading spices companies in the world! We also want to do our best to bring communities together, give back, and serve our purpose. All while growing, perfecting our craft, and blending our spices.   

Image by Zahrin Lukman